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A temperature monitor and fan controller using an Atmel microcontroller. While the hardware is absolutely unspectacular, the software demonstrates generic programming techniques in a microcontroller environment. It is written in C++, object oriented, makes heavy use of templates and runs on a system having 4096 Bytes of program memory and 128 Bytes of RAM!
In the 90ies, when I was young, LED lights hadn't been invented yet, and I had learned at which end to hold a screwdriver, I tried to equip my bikes with powerful front lights. The first generation on my City Bike was neither reliable nor inconspicuous, but when it worked it was really bright and the bike was never stolen! The Trecking Bike a bit later was definitely an improvement in many regards... (German)
Together with a friend we modified a Phaser by embedding an Atmel microcontroller, to show more realistic behavior. Several generations went from air wired discrete ICs to microcontrollers on breadboard to manufactured PCBs. Unfortunately, the website is no longer available.
"TimeDataPlotter": A tool for easily plotting data over a time axis.

A short CV

(just long enough so you can make sure that you found the correct one; I'm not the only Martin Bickel using the internet...)

1983-1987 Grundschule Armsheim
1987-1996 Elisabeth Langgässer Gymnasium Alzey
1996-1997 Civilian Service at Arbeiter Samariter Bund Worms/Alzey
1997-2003 Studying mechanical engineering at the University of Kaiserslautern
Summer 2002 Internship at Heller Machine Tools in Nürtingen
Since 2004 Working at Continental Teves in Frankfurt


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Last and least, here is the fingerprint of my old mbickel @ key, just in case that it is still floating around...
pub 2048/C7736E15 1997/03/17 Martin Bickel <>
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